1201 S.W. 12th
(503) 225-1201

The 1201. I have heard about this mysterious place since I moved to Portland two years ago. I even tried to find it one night and was convinced it was closed down. I finally made my way into the 1201 on Friday and took a deep breath as I opened the large, wooden double doors and climbed the cement steps.

I was immediately transported back to the 1970s as I entered a true lounge.The bar is long and filled with plenty of alcohol and mixers, except butterscotch schnapps. (Minus a point.) However, the strong White Russian in a generous glass made up for my disappointment of not being able to have a Buttery Nipple.

The thing I remember and like most about 1201 is the booths, they come complete with long black velvet curtains that can be closed, engulfing patrons in privacy. I would love to hear the tales of the 1201 staff and see how far the limits can be pushed.

The atmosphere is a bit sexy and rumor has it that Wednesdays and Thursdays offer decent house music with a DJ. The dance floor is big enough for 20 or so and off to the side of the main lounge, ahh, more privacy.

The other rumor I hear is that the 1201 serves up a pretty decent fondue as well, another weakness of mine.

Fondue, close to campus and my home, privacy, house music and stiff drinks. Mama, I’m coming home.

Good times are ahead of me at the 1201, I can feel it. Last year’s Pub Crawl brought me to frequent the Shanghai Tunnel, and now 1201.