1,216 voters turn out at ASPSU election

A total of 1,216 students voted in ASPSU elections held March 12, 13 and 14.

While an unprecedented number of students turned out to vote in this election, the basic percentage (about 6.0 percent) is consistent with previous years.

In 2000-2001, 1,000 voters participated, constituting 5.8 percent of the student body, in 2001-2002 that number increased to 1,100 students, with turnout rising to 5.9 percent.

Total student enrollment at PSU rose from 17,241 in fall of 2000 to 20,110 this last fall-constituting a 16 percent increase.

However, an increase in student population hasn’t translated to an increased involvement in ASPSU elections. Past administrations have managed to garner a 3 percent increase during the same period (2000-2002).

Many in ASPSU felt the push by the PSU chapter of the Oregon Student Public Interest Group to maintain funding was the cause for the strong turnout, although privately some conceded they expected a stronger showing.

The OSPIRG ballot measure did seem to garner the most interest among voters, with those who did not vote on the measure totaling 126, less than the null vote for president and vice president and the null vote for SFC chair.

Most senate candidates vote tallies didn’t exceed the null vote for their particular departments.