2007 Dining Guide

Contents: -Campus restaurants -Best of Portland -Portland’s best coffee -Start the day off right -On the go -Cheap dating: 101 -For the herbivore in us -Late night bites -Sugar on the run -Tip calculator

Contents:-Campus restaurants Whether you have five minutes or an hour, here are some spots on campus to fill you up.-Best of Portland With so many options to choose from, it’s tough to decide which restaurants in Portland are the best. Not to worry: we’ve picked them for you.-Portland’s best coffee Get your caffeine fix in the morning with Portland’s other favorite brew.-Start the day off right They say it’s the most important meal, but all we know is that Portland has damn good breakfasts.-On the go Only have a few minutes? Grab a quick bite at one of PDX’s famous food carts.-Cheap dating: 101 Keeping your significant other happy without breaking the bank.-For the herbivore in us Who needs meat when you’ve got all of these delicious options?-Late night bites Portland’s nocturnal restaurants give you anything from the city’s best burritos to everyone’s favorite hotcake house.-Sugar on the runFinding tasty treats when you’re on the go.-Tip calculatorMany things may happen during the course of a meal that will make you want to give your server a better, or a worse, tip. The Vanguard has compiled 20 reasons why you might want to change your server’s tip.