$600 to $1,200 a week?!

As you scan the paper in search of the perfect summer job, try to remember that looks can be deceiving. Although an ad may promise upwards of $2,000 a month and all the candy you can eat, it could be a scam.

Instead of getting said candy and cash, you could quite possibly drive or ride the bus across town only to find that the “job” requires you to pose naked for the Internet fetish site or that it is the most unbearable job known to man … telemarketing.

Well, have no fear. What follows are several types of classified ads that can be seen in almost every newspaper. Read the following and take heed so that you can tell if the summer job you are thinking about applying for is a scam.

1. The ad says, “Like to talk? Like money?”

Translation “Do you like to call people during dinner hours and harass them into buying cleaning products, phone cards, toilet scrubbers, etc. only to be yelled at and told go to hell by little old ladies?”

2. The ad says, “Server/Fashion Model, great, fun job!”

Translation “Half-naked cocktail waitress needed to have her ass and other parts ogled at and grabbed by a bunch of dirty, drunk old men and/or women, no experience necessary, great tips!”

3. The ads says, “$1,200 a week guaranteed, stuffing envelopes, no education or training necessary!”

Translation “Anyone who is so desperate to sit on their ass at home that they are willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for postage in hopes that they will eventually get paid apply now!”

4. The ad says, “Sexy models needed to pose for classy Internet site, all body types welcome. First-time models get $50 bonus!”

Translation“Come and take off all of your clothes in front of a room full of strangers to pose for any number of fetish porn sites. No experience needed.”

If you don’t believe me, scan the want ads and start making phone calls. Make sure you know what questions to ask. Evasiveness by a potential employer definitely indicates trouble.

Happy hunting!