A brief history of Vanguard time

Nov. 15, 1946:Vanport College student and military veteran Don Carlo published the first edition of Vet’s Extended in his apartment.

January 1947: Vet’s Extended became the Daily Vanguard.

1948: William Hilliard, later an editor for the Oregonian, became the first African-American news editor at the Vanguard.

1952: The first female editors at the Vanguard were hired.

1954: The Vanguard was published with photographs for the first time.

1967: Timothy Leary visited campus to promote the benefits of LSD.

1967: Vanguard staff members went on strike, protesting low salaries and control over the publication by the dean of students. The staffers demanded a Publications Board to supervise the paper, which the school granted.

May 1967: Two photos, one of Allen Ginsberg nude from the groin up and the other of a woman in fishnet stockings displaying a barely covered rear end, prompted PSU President Millar to confiscate the issues and shut the paper down.

May and June 1967: Two issues of the Independent Vanguard, funded by supportive students and faculty in protest of the university’s censorship, were published.

1968: Robert Kennedy spoke on campus during his presidential campaign.

1971: Eugene McCarthy lobbied students for the presidential nomination.

1984: Geraldine Ferraro, campaigning as the first female vice-presidential nominee, visited campus.

1988: The Vanguard investigated allegations against PSU President Natale Sicuro, including preferential treatment of then-student body president Michael Erickson and misuse of PSU Foundation funds for remodeling Sicuro’s university-owned home. Sicuro ordered a “review” of the Vanguard.

October 1988: Sicuro resigned as president of PSU.

June 1998: Portland State welcomed President Bill Clinton as the Keynote Commencement Speaker.

2000: Al Gore and Ralph Nader both spoke at PSU as part of their separate presidential campaigns.

2002:Miss America was chosen as commencement speaker, generating controversy among the students and coverage by the Vanguard and local media.