A feminazi agenda?

I am an unemployed homeless Oregonian who frequents your campus library daily. Today I saw a sign that greatly distressed me. No, it was not about homelessness, it was about graduation. Apparently some people are disgruntled because Miss America is going to be the keynote speaker. They are suggesting some decidedly immature responses to the presence of Miss America. The gist of their complaint is that because she is a beauty queen she cannot also be intelligent. This appears to me to be the height of feminazi hubris to assume that a sexy body and a functional brain cannot co-exist in the same frame. Many graduation ceremonies have had football players, or movie stars or any of a plethora of other famous people as keynote speakers. Why is it so wrong that this year the person chosen happens to have a beautiful set of tits and some nice legs to match? I would like to recommend that students ignore this puerile attempt at forcing the feminazi agenda down the collective student body’s throat.

Marshall Law
Portland, Ore.