A letter from the editor

So we have all come to Portland State University for another school year: some of us are returning; some of us are just starting out; and others are returning from a stint in the �real world.퀌_ No matter from which direction we have approached this campus, we are here퀌_at least for now퀌_and we all bring our varied approaches to life to Portland State with us. As the new opinion editor of the Daily Vanguard I find my charge to be to represent the varied voices of PSU퀌_s community through their political, cultural and life experiences and opinions.

This, of course, is no small task, and, it is always quite likely that we will fail. Someone may always go unnoticed, this is the fate of the world, and also why I invite the community of PSU, the student body, faculty and staff, to use these pages as the forum for your concerns. Guest opinion pieces are always welcome and may be addressed to the email address above for consideration.

With that aside, I am sure that this year will have no shortage of content to infuriate, stimulate, and otherwise babble on about. Many topics that presented themselves last year, both close to home and far away, may come to fruition during this academic year. The rebuilding of Iraq as it is known throughout the media has shown the public that the end of a bombing campaign is not the end of a war, the financial state of both PSU and Oregon has not improved in the least since we began our summers, and, of course, there is a presidential election looming on the horizon����

Whatever your poison, I am sure that there is enough to go around.

And as the opinion editor there are three things I will promise this year:

That these pages will always be open to well-written, well-thought out arguments that stimulate debate within or around the community.

To always use a celebrity photo whenever possible to fill up space. (see above.)

And to try our darnedest to represent the views and feelings of this varied community as best we can.

It may be self-evident, but a good year to be an opinion writer is a bad year to be a human being and vice versa. And to all of you humans out there, I am sorry to announce that this is looking like a very good year to be an opinion writer.

Ryan Hume, opinion editor

[email protected]