A Lil bit of everything

Lil Wayne is, as fans, critics and those who don’t really listen to rap have insisted for years, the best rapper of his generation.

Lil Wayne is, as fans, critics and those who don’t really listen to rap have insisted for years, the best rapper of his generation.

His most recent album, Tha Carter III, is probably the best rap album you heard last year, in fact it’s probably the only rap album you heard last year. If you find yourself at the Rose Garden tonight, Lil Wayne will easily be the best rapper in the room.

Add to this that Weezy, according to his rap, has been shot several times, and his credentials suddenly seem impossible to deny. The Vanguard recently sought to sit down with Lil Wayne to talk about his unstoppable career and the current state of the hip-hop business, but somehow couldn’t get in touch with the prolific artist.

For a rapper who seeks to let his music speak for itself, however, it seemed appropriate to consult his discography for answers to our most pressing questions and, true to form, Weezy delivers.

Daily Vanguard: You’re one of the most successful contemporary rappers. Could you convey for readers exactly how much money you have?
Lil Wayne: My house has a lobby, my bitches act snobby because I feed them thousands. I know that didn’t rhyme, but I’m only being honest. You can’t pay me in cash now, I’m only seeing commas. I swear I got on Saks 5th [Avenue] boxers right now, I’m trying to milk the game as if the game was a cow. I had an Eddie Bauer Expedition seven years ago.

DV: Having just come off the popularity of 2008’s Tha Carter III, what are your plans for the future?
LW: Get high, rule the world and that’s that. I want all my funds, all my money, baby.

DV: Fair enough, after 12 years in the business, you’ve certainly earned your keep. But how do you feel about other MCs, particularly those rappers who might still be developing their craft?

LW: [What the] fuck is up with all these rookie MCs? Smell like a bunch of pussy to me. Fuck ’em!?Fuck ’em good, fuck long, fuck ’em hard. Fuck who? Fuck ’em all.

DV: How would you describe your own flow? Do you consider yourself a competent lyricist?
LW: I ain’t gotta lie when I tell you I’m the illest, my flow is nasty like syphilis. [I’m a] self-made G, and them bitches know the business. And when I was 5, my favorite movie was Gremlins. [That] ain’t got shit to do with this, but I just thought that I should mention [it].

DV: Interesting you should bring up your childhood. What would you say to the children listening to your music and all of its endorsements of illicit drug use and the like?

LW: I don’t wanna be right if getting high is wrong. My eyes [are] so low it look like I come from Hong Kong … To the kids, drugs kill, I’m acknowledging that. But when I’m on the drugs I don’t have a problem with that.

DV: What is driving around town like for you? You know, just getting from point A to point B?
LW: I like my seat down low and my window slightly cracked, riding with a bad ho and her girlfriend in the back. I like to get real high and never look back, and you don’t wanna try me, don’t I look strapped?

DV: I guess so. …
LW: Never had my jaw broken but his jaw I bust, and I probably got your girlfriend on my bus. What happened on my bus stays on my bus.?