A long, cool brew in a pint glass

Three brewpubs to patronize | Imagine if ‘60s British rockers The Hollies were reborn as a Portland indie band. Instead of “Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress,” they might sing:

Three brewpubs to patronize

Photo by Adam Wickham

DRINK IT UP! Be it bottle or mug, the Chatoe Rogue packs a punch

Imagine if ‘60s British rockers The Hollies were reborn as a Portland indie band. Instead of “Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress,” they might sing:

Saturday night I was downtown
Working for the PSUVG
Sitting in a pub with good friends
The beers were flowing free
Breweries on the west side
Full of people doing right
Just about to call up the bartender
When I saw this in my sight
It was a long, cool brew in a pint glass
Just 16 ounces strong…

Maybe it’s the wrong generation for classic rock parodies, but when it comes to Portland’s best-known brewpubs, the classics are the only ones that will do.

Even if you don’t know the old Hollies tune to hum in your head, you can still go out and enjoy the sentiments at several brewpubs near campus.

When planning an outing, remember that the Portland Streetcar is free for Portland State students with student ID. Here are a few recommendations if you’re starting on campus and heading north.

Deschutes Brewery
and Public House
210 NW 11th Ave.
Food prices: $10–30+

Named after a river and rafting hotspot near Bend, Deschutes is arguably Oregon’s most well-known brewing company. The decor of this Portland brewpub is rustic and wood-carved, like a miner’s mess hall. You won’t find anybody panning for gold, but it might take a small nugget to spend the evening there—entrees can run upwards of $30 for steaks or salmon.
If beer and snacks are all that is desired, Deschutes’ light atmosphere and wide range of beverage selections will satisfy any takers. Portland pub exclusives like the citrus-infused Fresh Hop Deschutes River Ale are on tap alongside standards like Black Butte Porter and Inversion India Pale Ale.

Tip: The sweet potato fries are cooked to perfection and the beer nuts are, too. Deschutes offers a gluten-free menu, as well.

BridgePort Brewpub
1313 NW Marshall St.
Food prices: $9–12

If the lights at Deschutes are too bright for your liking, finish up the night at BridgePort Brewpub. Its dim brick-and-mortar industrial pastiche recalls Portland’s gritty past, but the company’s sustainable business practices could give PSU a run for its money.
BridgePort’s pub offers a fine selection of regular ales as well as seasonal varieties. This fall the pub introduced Witch Hunt, a haunting harvest ale with nutmeg and hints of cinnamon—perfect for a crisp night. The Bridgeport Brewpub offers specialties like meaty entrees, vegan options and pizza, while a late-night menu spares your pocketbook if those beer nuts from Deschutes didn’t fill you up.

Rogue Hall
1717 SW Park Ave. (on campus)
Food prices: $6–15

Since its opening, Rogue Brewery’s campus outlet has become a staple for after class meet-ups. With over a dozen beers to choose from, including a rotation of seasonals and guest taps, it has options for nearly everyone. For something different, try the Chatoe Dirtoir Black Lager. Served in a bootleg-style mason jar, this malty beverage is like a light-bodied stout—heavy on the taste buds, easy on the tummy.

Rogue’s food offerings are just as flavorful as their beer. Kobe beef burgers, mahimahi tacos, sandwiches, soup specials and beer-crust pizza spike the menu. When ordering a burger and fries, ask for a side of their wasabi mayonnaise.