A primer on Viking sports

You paid your tuition. You bought the dopest PSU gear at thebookstore. You painted your dorm room green. You hung the Vikingpennant from your antenna. But you still have no clue about what toexpect from the coming year’s sports teams. Here are seven thingsto watch during the 2004-05 season.

Best bet for a good year: women’s golf. The lady Viks are twotime defending Big Sky champs.

Best bet for a bad year: women’s basketball. 6-22 last year andreturn only four players who saw time last year. New coach can’thurt, but don’t expect much.

Best bandwagon to jump on: men’s basketball. 11-16 last year butreturn the two best players in a weak conference. With hypedrecruits and solid returning core Viks could sail into MarchMadness.

Best reason to attend football games: beer. Readily availableand for sale at concessions, no need to sneak it in inside a Ziplocbaggy stuffed down your shorts (not that anyone would ever dothat). Eat your heart out, Ducks and Beavers.

Best opportunity for drama: men’s and women’s track. Programcame out of two off-season investigations for improprietiesrelatively clean, but lingering issues could cause fireworks.

Best thing to avoid: Stott Center hot dogs. Who knows wherethose bad boys come from?

Best sideshow: women’s volleyball team at men’s basketballgames. Classic sideline routines made up for the fact the standswere nearly empty.