A question of choice?

Here is an open book test for Jennifer Nelson (“Roe vs. Wade: 30 years of adversity, faith”, January 22, 2003) and all the various NARAL members:

1. In sex ed. class you learned you and your partner (married or not) each contribute 23 chromosomes. If you and he didn’t want them to mix and form a unique individual, why didn’t you use non-abortive birth control methods?

2.Are you aware that there are never “un-planned” pregnancies?

3.Considering that 40 million Americans to date are deceased due to abortion (especially that for “convenience”), estimate how many dollars have been lost to Social Security, possibly your retirement? How many geniuses of the caliber of Edison, etc. have been lost?

4.Are you aware that many couples will adopt babies?

5.If you are a woman, since your male partner contributes 23 chromosomes when he impregnated you, do you agree he should have a say as to what happens to the baby? If not, can you justify your response based on either biology or theological ideas?

6.Extra credit: Research various religions’ ideas of when the soul enters the body; discuss each and either justify it or disprove it based on the biology of procreation.

David Brock, former advertising student, Portland