A voice for students

ASPSU appointed a new multicultural affairs director, Samantha Alloy, who began work on Nov. 9.

ASPSU appointed a new multicultural affairs director, Samantha Alloy, who began work on Nov. 9.

Alloy, 27, is a junior double majoring in international development studies and Spanish.

Alloy said her priority is to make Portland State a more equitable and accessible place for underserved populations.

Allow said her main goals include stopping budget cuts to multicultural education, and strengthening underfunded departments such as Black Studies, Chicano Studies, Native American Studies and Women’s Studies.

“My role as ASPSU multicultural director is to make sure that multicultural students and multicultural department’s voices are being heard,” Alloy said.

One of her first plans is to attend the Oregon Students of Color Conference this weekend, Nov. 13 to Nov. 15, hosted by the Associated Students of Portland Community College at the Cascade campus.

“I just started my job…[it is] just beginning,” Alloy said.

According to Tasha Triplett, ASPSU outreach coordinator, Alloy seemed confident and insightful, and she made contributions to the discussion at her first staff meeting according.

“I am looking forward to working with her,” Triplett said.

ASPSU has a strong goal to recruit and retain students of diversity.

Alloy plans an outreach to the Immigrant Refugee Community Organization, and she hopes to tie into ASPSU’s principle goal of connecting with students to do what they ask, she said.

“Of course most applicants are qualified,” Triplett said, “but Samantha was also overqualified.”

Alloy said she is excited to bring her social justice background to the work of ASPSU.

Alloy worked on the Palestine West Bank with the International Solidarity Movement in winter of 2004–05, and as an internationally accredited elections observer in El Salvador for the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador. She has also done community organizing for the Portland Central America Solidarity Committee.

She is co-founder and coordinator for the new student group at Portland State, Pan American Solidarity Organization, as well as a student organizer for Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights.

Katie Markey, ASPSU interim legislative affairs director, said she considers Alloy very approachable and intelligent.

“I am glad the [multicultural affairs director] position is filled, and I am excited to work with her,” said Courtney Morse, Oregon Student Association campus organizer.

Ed Hallman, ASPSU administrative director, said he believes Alloy will bring a lot of energy along with a fresh perspective to ASPSU staff.

“Samantha is a spectacular individual who wants to work with students in all walks of life, and we are expecting a lot from her,” said ASPSU President Jonathan Sanford.