All the little things

College is a great time to learn how to master the art of looking like a million bucks without actually having a million bucks (or any amount of money nearing that, really).

Today’s fashion world consists of fast trends and questionable quality, but even students strapped for cash can shine when putting together an outfit. Consider focusing on the little things that pay off in big ways: the details.

Dainty details

Instead of big, statement-making jewelry, try refining your look with small chains or baubles. But don’t throw on too much bling or you might overwhelm your look. A highlight trend for this might be the midi ring, which is a ring that is worn only partway down the finger.

Also, think about matching your hardware with your outfit. Does your silver belt buckle match your brushed gold earrings? Maybe not as well as a silver pair would! This is not always the case, but it is a helpful rule of thumb to match jewelry, buckles and various affixed metals.

A touch of color

Recently, sites like Pinterest have popularized funky nail trends. It is easier than ever to give your nails a zing of color, or decorate them with a quirky pattern! A fun way of turning a predictable match into a next-level detail is to match the pattern of your shirt with your nails, or swipe another color on the ends.

Don’t be afraid of funky colors, give patterns a try at home. By using a small brush or a toothpick and a different color of polish, you can get creative with statement-making nails.

Peekaboo posh

Clouds have a silver lining, and your wardrobe can too! Next time you are buying a jacket, look for one with a lining that doesn’t match the outside. This can be a fun little secret that is only revealed when you remove your outerwear.

No luck with jackets this season? Purses and bags have fun inner details as well. Business on the outside, party on the inside!

Key accessories

Utility doesn’t have to be boring. Take umbrellas, for example. Everyone uses one in Portland at some point, so why not prepare for a rainy day by investing in an umbrella with a bright color or funky pattern that goes with your palette? This is a possible strategy for other utility items like weather-related gear or cases.

Head to toe

Do you have a quirky personality? Find some funky fresh socks to sneak into your boots! Do you live in sandals? How about getting on the forefront of the anklet revival? Consider shoe shopping as a hunt for treasure.

If you need a basic pair of black shoes, you may be well served to give a second glance to, perhaps, a black pair with gold buckles. Pair them with some gold jewelry and you will have pulled together a look that says you know what you are doing!