Anything but laid back

Laidback Luke, Donald Glaude and Gabriel Driscoll are all set up to tear the Roseland down this Friday.

Laidback Luke, Donald Glaude and Gabriel Driscoll are all set up to tear the Roseland down this Friday. Luke and Donald are often times ranked as some of the top DJs in the world; local favorite Gabriel Driscoll will precede them. Will these DJ veterans and local favorite have the juice to keep you grooving for hours? Assuredly yes, but only you will know by the time the bright lights flare and the kicks and claps start smashing in.

Laidback Luke is easily one of the best DJs around in the world today. An avid remixer, producer and all out music whiz, Luke has a little bit of something for everyone.

Born in the Philippines in the late ’70s, Luke would later make his way to the Netherlands where he would grow up. At a young age, he discovered graffiti, house music and hip-hop. In his youth he loved hip-hop so much he would coin his moniker from the legendary line

delivered by Snoop Dogg on his epic track, “Gin & Juice”: “Laid back/with my mind on my money and my money on my mind.”

In his youth, Luke met local Dutch DJ Dobre (better known as Gaston Steenkist). After sending him a mix tape, Dobre gave him the push in the right direction for Luke to begin releasing records. By 18, Luke released his first album, “Psyched Up,” in 1998 to critical acclaim. The album features lots of techno sounds, great drum programming and the feel that at times the record was years ahead of its time. Check out tracks like “Act the Fool” and the phenomenal remix by Dobre & Jamez. Also check out his full-length release of progressive house tracks entitled “Electronic Satisfaction” for a ripping good example of how an entire genre should sound. Almost every track on the album is a certified banger.

Donald Glaude is another key player in yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s DJ world. A Pacific Northwesterner at birth, Glaude hails from Tacoma, Wash. Getting his start in music at a young age, he was initially trained on upright bass and the violin. He would get into the world of DJing after hearing some early funk records. His first set up was rudimentary at best, consisting of two mismatched turntables and an early, now archaic DJ mixer from none other than Radio Shack. These primitive Radio Shack mixers are still available today; one could always follow in Donald’s footsteps.

By the mid ’80s, Glaude had begun to take nightclubs in the Seattle area by storm. His effortless mix of turntablism and record knowledge would not only help him prove himself, but would aid in his notoriety. By the time the rave scene exploded in the early ’90s, Glaude was already a resident at Seattle nightclubs. His weekly club night would prove to be one of the best in the Northwest featuring DJs from up and down the West Coast, most notably fellow Washingtonian DJ Dan. Donald’s releases include a small handful of singles, EPs and DJ mixes. For an awesome foray into all worlds and sub-genres of house music check out his lengthy two-CD mixed compilation, “This Is Me.”

Gabriel Driscoll and DJ Wiggles are in to warm things up, spinning everything from trance to progressive house. They will definitely set the stage for the aforementioned virtuosos early in the night. Several of Gabriel’s and DJ Wiggles’ mixes are available for your listening and downloading pleasure at and, respectively.

Tickets are available now for $20 plus service charges from Flavorus Tickets at The show is slated to start around 8 p.m. Get there on time and acquire the coveted spot right in front of the speakers for maximum listening pleasure.  ?