Are you tough enough for the group?

The holidays are here at last. This means fall term is almost in the bag and that a well-deserved winter break lies just around the corner.

The holidays are here at last. This means fall term is almost in the bag and that a well-deserved winter break lies just around the corner. For a lot of us, the holidays also mean that we finally have some time to spend with our friends and our families. Like any red-blooded American, I love this time of the year, but it comes with one potential threat: gaining anywhere from 5 to 10 pounds of blubber as I over-indulge in delicious homemade foods. (My grandma is affectionately nicknamed “Grandma Cookie” for her otherworldly baking skills.) While I certainly encourage my readers to practice moderation when it comes to their holiday food indulgences, another step that can been taken to avoid packing on holiday chub is to participate in some of the Group X fitness classes offered at Campus Rec.

Campus Rec currently offers over a dozen fitness classes to PSU students. Classes range from hardcore no-frills calorie burning like Boot Camp to the more unique and holistic offerings of classes like Nia. Though I still (and will always) recommend weight training to just about everyone, the truth is that not everyone is going to get bit by the iron bug like I was. While lifting weights is indeed fantastic for one’s health and body, it isn’t for everybody. Thankfully, the group fitness classes offer effective, often less intimidating, more social and arguably more fun ways to get in shape and stay there.

In the wide variety of group fitness classes offered, the trainee receives live instruction as the class proceeds. This isn’t to say that is absolutely zero learning curve for most of the classes, but it is easier to get a hang of than learning how to properly and safely perform 10 different weight training exercises. Classes offer a group environment, which usually makes for more productive workouts in my personal experience. The atmosphere created by like-minded individuals helps the trainee stay motivated, which is beneficial for beginners and experienced trainees alike. Lastly, most of these classes are just plain fun, even the tougher ones that leave the participant out of breath.

With that said, for those looking for new ways to combat grandma’s baked goods or those who just want to inject a little more fun into their fitness routine, check out the Group X classes. No additional fees are required, the participant simply has to show up 30 minutes before the class and pick up a pass from the equipment checkout.

This season, Campus Rec will be offering classes for the duration of winter break. For a full schedule of the current classes being offered, as well as class descriptions, head to