Arts and Culture Calendar

Ahhh, the Arts & Culture calendar, courtesy of theillustrious Calendar Boy. But you’re probably not going to go toany of the events listed, so why bother, you lazysonofabitch?

Thursday June 3

First Thursday: Rock Photography by Chrystaei Branchaw
McMenamin’s Ringler’s Annex
5 p.m.
Free, 21+
Along with wine tasting and DJ music, this First Thursdayexhibit also features rock photography that includes Blondie, TheThermals, Quasi, Jonathan Richman, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The WhiteStripes and more. This is definitely something not to miss, havinga little bit of everything going on for the best price.

Friday June 4

Those Legendary Shack Shakers, I Can Lick Any SOB In The House,Goddamn Gentlemen
10 p.m.
$8, 21+
Dante’s hosts a night of low-down and dirty Southern rock androll, complete with bittersweet country-riff melodies and raunchyroad blues growl.

Georg Altzeiber
Red and Black Caf퀌�
8 p.m.
Austrian Georg Altzeibler percolates melancholic, fragile,simplistic ballads through low-fi indie rock and touches ofharmonium. Fans of the Nick Drake and/or Leonard Cohen schools ofballadry should be specially interested since Altzeibler’s soundhas elements of both.

Saturday June 5

J Mascis and the Fog, Mirah, Calvin Johnson
Crystal Ballroom,
8 p.m.
$15, $18 door
The incomparable J Mascis headlines what looks to be a goodshow, with support by K Records guru Calvin Johnson and the giftedsongsmithery of Mirah. This is by far the concert to be at tonight,since you’ll get to see the Fog’s recent lineup change inaction.

Skinny Puppy, Tweaker
Roseland Theater
8 p.m.
As much as Skinny Puppy represents industrial music, and as goodas they are, they just can’t compete with J Mascis. So go to themonly if you don’t like low-fi indie guitar rock history.

Sunday June 6

Mission of Burma, Kinski
Crystal Ballroom
8 p.m.
$15, $17 door
Kinski’s droning, sprawling, Krautrock guitar masterpieces forma perfect counter to the arty, intense post punk of Boston’sreunited Mission of Burma. Your ears will never recover.

Tuesday June 8

Books to Prisoners presents: “The Experiment”
8 p.m.
Free, Book Donations Accepted
This intense film, based on the true story of the Stanfordprison experiment, goes into the psychology and power relationshipswithin a prison environment and comes to the cozy neighborhoodNocturnal. If you want to be disturbed and fascinated at the sametime, then this is the best bet for you.

Wednesday June 9

Mister Quintron and Miss Pussycat, Storm Large and theBalls
One-man band Mr. Q unleashes organ-drenched chaos while partnerMs. P shakes cordless mics topped with rattles as electric maracas.You can see Storm any time, but a light-activated oscillating drummachine? Rarer then a Stradivarius.

Oxford Collapse, This Moment in Black History, Fatal FlyingGuilloteens
Twilight Caf퀌�
Amped up garage rock is the trademark of Estrus Record’sjuvenile delinquents, Fatal Flying Guilloteens, who promise a nightof high-octane rock for the price of drinks at the Twilight’sbar.

Thursday June 10

The Cockettes
Cinema 21
8:45 p.m.
A film celebrating the freewheeling, open San Franciscocommunity of the late sixties and early seventies-screened free atCinema 21. The film’s producer will be present at the screening ofthe alternately humorous and deeply impacting documentary, whichcaptures the anarchic spirit of the hippies and drag queens thatare its subject.

Telephone, The Prids, The Green Circles, Jackie
Berbati’s Pan
9:30 p.m.
Everyone’s busy tonight! The Prids have a video shoot, the GreenCircles are celebrating a record release, Telephone are occupiedjust being themselves, and Jackie lends garage-glam party rockflourishes to the whole occasion.

Friday June 11

Piebald, The Jealous Sound, Northstar, Down To EarthApproach
7 p.m.
The indie rock offerings at the Nocturnal tonight tempt withspidery guitar melodies courtesy of The Jealous Sound, who alsoveer further into emo territory than headliners Piebald, usually togood effect.

Saturday June 12

Demon Hunter, Dead Poetic, Haste The Day
Meow Meow
7:30 p.m.
Demon Hunter’s ferocious death metal assault and vitriolicriffing don’t prevent them from having a sense of melody, givingtheir heaviness a nice dichotomy that enhances the edge brought bythe jagged shredding. Go and you might be impressed.