Arts & Culture 2016 year in review

If there’s something we all can agree on, it’s that 2016 was one hell of a tumultuous year. But all is not lost; apathy and cynicism might dull the pain, but it’s a shallow medicine. The year also saw many successes and inspirational accomplishments by Portland State students and faculty.

Here are some of my favorites:

Student Media
The creative team at PSU.TV announced its flagship Annual Film Project, Retro Hero. Through late nights and a limited budget, the crew worked with over 80 students to bring the film to life, now in the production phase and scheduled to make the festival rounds in 2017:

PSU.TV begins editing phase for annual film project Retro Hero

Students in the fall term’s “Public History Lab: Podcasts and History” partnered with local radio station 90.7 KBOO to write and record their own podcasts, to be aired in January 2017:

Students write and record podcasts with KBOO radio

School of Architecture
PSU is full of active student groups and academic programs, but the School of Architecture admittedly caught my attention the most. They’re hardly confined to theoretical study but regularly contribute beautiful and economical works for city events and objectives. They’re also great about announcing and discussing these projects. Take note, communications majors:

School of Architecture serves community with mobile opera

School of Architecture introduces green classrooms to Lincoln High School

Campus of Culture
2016 marked the opening of two new PSU cultural centers: the Pan-African Commons and the Pacific Islander, Asian & Asian American Student Center. We also covered student and faculty events celebrating and discussing experiences across a wide range of cultures:

Inclusivity reigns with opening of two new cultural centers

Pacific Islanders Club welcomes all to 14th annual Lu’au

Faculty and alumni share life stories at PDXTalks

History roots us in place along the continuum of past and future. The more critical your understanding, the more aware you will be of the present:

Reeling in the present, revisiting the past

Portland State: an idea sparked from war and flood

A short history of the Vanguard

Special Mentions
And finally, some particular favorites across a variety of topics:

Ink Visible explores crossroads of disability and tattoo culture

Sustainability students acquire Bee City USA certification

Stage club introduces independent run of Arms and the Man

This is just a small sampling of the positive events and lectures from 2016. The next time you hear “Fuck 2016,” by all means indulge, but remember the boundless positivity too.