Athlete of the week

Senior Dolly Enneking, PSU’s newest record-holder and Big Sky Soccer Offensive Player of the Week

Daily Vanguard: Why did you choose to come to Portland State?
Dolly Enneking:
I came to Portland State for the location and for the coaches. I am very close to my family and it’s a two-hour drive from home, so I thought that it would be a perfect distance so my parents could come and watch me play. I saw great things to come for the team, and I wanted to be a part of that.

DV: What has been your best moment on the pitch?
DE: On Sunday, when I scored a goal against Gonzaga—because I knew what that goal meant for me. And that was amazing.

DV: If you could change one of your sport’s rules, what would it be?
I won’t change anything because the greatest thing about soccer is that you don’t have to be the tallest or fastest player to excel at it.

DV: What is your greatest strength?
My first touch. I am a smaller player, so being able to direct the ball where I want it to go and dribbling my way out of tight situations is my greatest strength.

DV: What is your favorite place to eat around campus?
: Chipotle, for sure. I love the chicken burrito.

DV: What is your favorite thing to do around Portland?
I like going down to the Pearl District, and I like to shop.

DV: What is the first item you would buy if you won the lottery?
I would help my dad pay off his house and do something nice for my family and my grandparents.

DV: What is your most embarrassing moment on the pitch?
In my freshman year, the ball came across the penalty box and I swung and missed. I was humiliated, and I thought I was never going to play for Portland State again.

DV: Do you have any nicknames? Why?
Dollface. It started out with my family and my sister, and then everyone in high school started calling me that. And Dollar, because I like to save money.

DV: What was the last thing you cooked?
Rice. That was last night.

DV: If you could attend one sporting event anywhere, what would it be?
I would love to go to England and watch an English Premier League game—especially Manchester United play at Old Trafford.

DV: What has been your favorite class at Portland State?
I am in a class called Contemporary Leadership right now, and I am really excited about it.

DV: What’s on your iPod right now?
My teammates Rachel Jarvis and Frankie Ross just went to the Coldplay concert, so I have been listening to that lately.

DV: If you could have dinner with three people from history—alive, dead, or fictional—who would they be?
Marilyn Monroe, because I’ve always liked old Hollywood stuff. I have posters of her in my room, and I’ve read books about her. And I have also read a lot of books about John F. Kennedy, and I think he was a very good leader. And also Barcelona forward—and 2008-2009 UEFA Club Footballer of the Year—Lionel Messi, because I admire the way he plays.

DV: Do you read the Vanguard? If so, how often?
I read the Vanguard very often because my teammate Frankie Ross reads it everyday. So, whenever I am around her, I always end up reading it.