Attack on affirmative action short-sighted trick

I find Mr. Bush’s attack on the admissions policy of the University of Michigan at this time of war inappropriate. The President of the United States is apparently marshalling a bunch of high paid lawyers to help keep certain people out of college and away from higher education. It is a bizarre turn of events.

This especially in light of the fact that he hasn’t been able to work out a policy that will effectively keep illegal aliens and terrorists from slipping into our country. In fact, during his tenure as Governor of Texas at least 5 million illegal aliens slipped into that state and the behavior was encouraged.

The situation has grown worse here since Mr. Bush took office. There is no respect for our border or our laws.

The assault against the University of Michigan is, in my opinion, an attack upon those very same elements of society that make up the vast majority of soldiers in our military. This attack on the University is to my mind a short-sighted political trick to keep attention away from the real problem in Michigan.

It is an act of an ineffectual leader at a time of great national stress. As he fusses with the admissions policy of a state college, illegal aliens still break our laws by invading our country by the tens of thousands and nothing is done. It is a nice gesture to make happy noises about equality and another to set up conditions under which it can never be achieved.

Alfred Lee Brock,

Canton, Mich.