Decaying identities

PSU film studies professor and video artist Julie Perini presents ‘Big Film’

Giant strips of decayed film, blotchy with green spots, hang from the ceiling. On the wall, the same film, a General Electric commercial, plays on a loop, flashing eerie projections about the room.

A wee musical

PSU Dept. of Theatre and Film presents the commonly misunderstood Urinetown: The Musical

This Friday, the outlandishly titled Urinetown: The Musical opens at Portland State in the Lincoln Hall main stage. The play, written in 2001 by Mark Hollman and Greg Kotis, tells the story of a town where a greedy corporation has started charging the town’s citizens to use its bathrooms.

Online Dating Do’s And Don’ts

How not to be stupid on OkCupid

OkCupid is a free dating website that has been growing in popularity among the college student community. The site is inviting, easy to use and highly entertaining. It is a fun and interesting way to meet new people and, just maybe, the love of your life.

Broadening horizons through film

Northwest Film Center to host 35th annual Portland International Film Festival

Portland’s Northwest Film Center begins its 35th annual Portland International Film Festival Thursday. The festival, which will screen 140 films from 36 countries, will have something for everyone and present a wide selection of genres.

Floating with Madame Butterfly

Portland Opera premieres a new rendition of Puccini’s masterpiece

“I think opera is an important and challenging art form,” said Seth Hoff, assistant director at the Portland Opera. “I think that any opportunity to experience a new art form is a good thing.”

Tomorrow night, the Portland Opera will premiere the classic Giacomo Puccini opera Madame Butterfly at the Keller Auditorium.

Plucking heartstrings: Denise Fujikawa plays French chamber music.

French chamber music comes to PSU

PSU professor Denise Fujikawa to play harp at upcoming recital

The Portland State department of music’s Performance Attendance Recital Series gives students and the community the opportunity to see a free performance every Thursday at noon. This week’s performance will be French chamber music featuring the harp, played by none other than PSU professor Denise Fujikawa.

“I think that it’s a program that anyone would really enjoy,” Fujikawa said. “It’s not just for classical music lovers.”

Modernity belongs to the world

Professor from Turkish university to discuss Islam’s connection to Japan

Why did the Islamic world during the 19th and 20th centuries have an eye on Japan?

Dr. Ayşe Selçuk Esenbel of Turkey’s Bogaziçi University will discuss the history between Islam and Japan in tomorrow’s on-campus lecture, titled “Japan’s Global Claim to Islam: Transnational Nationalism & World Power 1900–1945.”

Art of the female form

Exhibition of late artist Robert Hanson opens at Portland Art Museum

A room full of people, sitting, standing, watching and waiting. This tableau describes the scene at the ongoing exhibition, APEX: Robert Hanson, at the Portland Art Museum, which opened Jan. 7. The exhibition is part of the museum’s APEX series, which features artists based in the Pacific Northwest.

The exhibition consists of 37 pieces by artist Robert Hanson, all of which are sparse drawings of female models. They are small by museum standards, measuring 12-by-9 inches, and are very simple.

Fire! Fire! Capstone students enact scenes of sexual oppression.

Staging sexual assault

Portland State capstone students use interactive theater as a tool for social change

Students of capstone course Sexual Assault Education Theater will perform an entirely student-written play about sexual assault at 5th Avenue Cinema this afternoon.

The skits have a special twist: audience participation.

After watching the onstage situations unfold, audience members will have the opportunity to actually stop the scene in medias res and stand in for one of the performers, thus changing how the situation plays out.

Sprites in training: Nancy Davis’s Portland Ballet class rehearses for their fantastical foray into the realm of Fairyland.

Midsummer in autumn

Portland Ballet and Portland State Orchestra team up to produce the theatrical lovechild of Shakespeare and Mendelssohn

While other ballet companies are rehearsing for their traditional holiday shows like The Nutcracker, the Portland Ballet is doing something a little different.

On Friday, Nov. 25, the Portland Ballet—the city’s leading youth ballet company—will hold the world premiere of choreographer John Clifford’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The award-winning Portland State Orchestra, under the direction of Ken Selden, will accompany the show.

Selden’s orchestra has been working with the Portland Ballet and John Clifford annually for three years.

Explosive art: PSU student Andy Kaempf savors the sight of artist Jim Neidhardt’s piece, titled “Atomic Fireballs,” in the Littman Gallery’s geology-based exhibition.

Bringing geology to the foreGround

Subject of Portland State’s latest modern art exhibition ruggedly earthbound

Artwork takes a different approach to geology in the foreGround exhibition in Portland State’s Littman Gallery, located on the second floor of Smith Memorial Student Union.

Guest curator Jeff Jahn wanted to challenge the other galleries in the city with an exhibition that was more than the traditional landscapes, trees and rain.

“I wanted to do something that’s relevant,” Jahn said. “This is a landscape show with no proper landscape in it. It’s about material and cognition, the way we process the landscape and how it lives in our memory.”