Education lost in translation

High school, the supposed best years of your life—carefree, full of fun, without the worries and responsibilities of the impending “real world”—are being wasted on today’s high school students.

Boys will be boys

Most of us know what the first, and second, rules of Fight Club are. But for those who don’t, the first and second rules are, “You don’t talk about Fight Club.” Apparently this rule was not known to a group of Cheldelin Middle School boys of Corvallis, Oregon.

Sea lions vs. fishermen

Sea lions: Smart and playful mammals that are a spectacle to see. Entertaining crowds nationwide in marine shows seen in parks such as Sea World, these beloved animals have taken a special spot in the hearts of many.

Overcoming Oregon Obesity

It is no secret that obesity currently is a huge problem in the U.S. (no pun intended). But a more increasing and disturbing concern is the fact that the issue is spreading to the nation’s children.

Jump starting college is good for some

The survey is finished and the result is…undetermined? In a never-ending struggle to have every student’s needs met, the Oregon University System’s latest report on whether dual credit courses are a benefit or a hindrance to future college students gave no clear answer.

The semester solution

After two years of surging enrollment in Oregon’s state colleges, the Oregon University System is preparing for the worst. Anticipating that funding will become more limited at any time, OUS is considering other options to make up for the deficit without raising tuition too much.

Civil War over eggs?

Our two beloved Pac-10 universities, Oregon State University and the University of Oregon, are in constant competition with one another for state domination and bragging rights.

Libraries keeping up with the times

Spring rain and lovely Oregon weather alike make anyone want to escape to warmer climates. You close your eyes and transport yourself to a tropical destination where you are basking in the sun. Sitting in a little coffee shop overlooking the ocean, you pick up…hmm, what do you pick up?

From the Web’s heart, I stab at thee

As technology evolves along with the human race, our sociological tendencies remain the same—especially in a junior high or high school setting. There will always be the jocks, the cheerleaders, the honors students, class council, thespians, math club, the band geeks, the bullies, the bullied and everyone else in between.

Unprepared or unmotivated

Times are changing. Not long ago it was said that a person couldn’t succeed in the world without a high school diploma. Now it’s being said that a person is less likely to succeed without a college degree of any kind.