Scattered, boring and hard to watch

This is a play about Brown v. Board of Education, the landmark 1954 case in which the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the segregation of public schools is inherently unequal, and therefore unconstitutional and illegal; the case is the event many consider the first major step in the American Civil Rights movement.

Third Rail nails it

Portland’s remarkable Third Rail Repertory Theatre is opening its fifth season with the American premiere of “Kiss Me Like You Mean It,” a contemporary British play that Portlanders are lucky Third Rail found.

PSU to host expert on U.S.-Japan relations

Whether you consider the naval-base-bombing to labor-camp-imprisonment to nuclear-bombing-of-civilians progression of Japanese-American relations in World War II as totally abhorrent or classic tit-for-tat, you likely consider these issues as the past.

Who knew?

3D entertainment is sweeping the nation, but the technology is hardly new; we’ve been viewing 3D images since the mid-1800s, and we’ve been paying to watch 3D movies since the beginning of the 20th century.

Rachel Corrie’s final hurrah

You may have heard of Rachel Corrie, the Evergreen State College student who was literally bulldozed to death in 2003 by the Israeli military while attempting to protect a Palestinian home in the Gaza Strip.

Westside, country-fried

When Tri-Met launched the new Fifth and Sixth Avenue MAX routes, the cheap eats available to Portland State students on a lunch break more than tripled.

69 is worth a go!

Sometimes a show is so charming, so carefree and so joyfully performed that it breaks through every bad mood in the theater and reminds everyone—even those determined not to enjoy themselves—of what’s so great about the stage.