Ambiguous procedures

Fall 2008 brought a controversial change to what is covered in the supplemental PSU health plan (not the mandatory one): gender reassignment surgery for “true” transsexuals.

Divesting guilt

Hampshire College in Amherst, Mass. has given ground to students who believe seriously in the existence of time travel. The group, Students for Justice in Palestine, following suit of Jimmy Carter, has given Israel the label of an apartheid state—like South Africa of the last century.

Sinful stimulus

Thanks to section 9302 of the stimulus bill, universities that accept the bill’s money for renovation must flush religion if they want the possibility to flush new toilets.

Paper pushing

Greenpeace is a little hot under the collar. This might be the result of global warming (now conveniently “climate change”).

An acceptable increase

If you’re going to enroll for the fall of 2009, it looks like you are going to pay a bit more in actual dollars to go to school at Portland State.

Don’t blame Israel

When a person takes bold action to prevent calamity in their personal lives—say, saving cash when they are unsure how long they will keep their job—we call these things “pro-active” or “prudent.”

Freedom in public universities comes with private money

Public universities such as Portland State are naturally accountable to their primary source of revenue: governments both state and local, whereas private institutions are mainly accountable to private donors and tuition-payers. As tuition in public universities continues to rise as a percentage of revenue, public universities are essentially becoming more privatized. If, though, as proponents have said, this is a natural, unstoppable force, one the best ways to keep public universities affordable is to see as much feasible deregulation as possible.