‘Bank Transfer Day’:A student’s experience

Portland State students move their money to credit unions

Portland State conflict resolution graduate student Erica Bestpitch opened her account with Wells Fargo two years ago while living in San Francisco and has had only kind words for the bank and its customer service ever since. The day she visited to close her account was no exception.

Anticipating bigger crowds on Saturday, Nov. 5—designated as the national Bank Transfer Day by the L.A.-based non-profit Move Your Money Project—Bestpitch decided to visit her local Wells Fargo branch on Friday, Nov. 4, instead.

A Bank of America customer leaves the bank’s Southwest 5th and Main branch. Is he leaving Bank of America for good?

This Saturday, Portlanders may ‘move their money’

Growing outrage over large US financial institutions fuels switch to credit unions

The Move Your Money project is a nonprofit organization leading a nationwide campaign to encourage individuals and groups alike to exercise their freedom of choice this Saturday and support local credit unions instead of national, for-profit banks.

Move Your Money chose Nov. 5—the day that commemorates the arrest of British folk hero Guy Fawkes—to be Bank Transfer Day. The organization is calling for people dissatisfied with their bank’s service to withdraw their money from large, corporate banks and open accounts with smaller community banks, also known as credit unions.

PSU launches Research and Strategic Partnerships

What the new office means for Portland State’s future

The office of Research and Strategic Partnerships is devoted to growing PSU’s public-private partnerships and helping its researchers attain funding by facilitating the grant process. Led by Jonathan Fink, the office is relatively new to the university; its creation in a time of economic uncertainty marks it as a sign of PSU’s long-term goals.

PSU celebrates new Science Research and Teaching Center

Renovated science building is a symbol of PSU’s ambition

Portland State Weekend, the university’s open house, got an early start Friday afternoon with a celebration commemorating the newly renovated Science Research and Teaching Center (originally the Science Building 2 since 1971). A crowd of approximately 250 people comprised of students, faculty, administrators, partners and donors congregated in the building’s lobby to mark the occasion.

Ooligan Press stays the course

Despite a bumpy road, Ooligan keeps its balance

Ooligan Press is a key component of the curriculum in Portland State’s graduate publishing program. Dennis Stovall, who founded the nonprofit, student-run publishing house, coordinated both Ooligan and the publishing program for 10 years; he retired Oct. 1.

Portland State’s new big hire

The campus welcomes Monica Rimai to the administrationr

Already one month in office, Monica Rimai is PSU’s new vice president of finance and administration (FADM).

“I’ve known about Portland State for a long time,” Rimai said. “It’s an amazing place and I’m very attracted to this part of the world. So, when the opportunity came up, I applied.”