Spring into that frosty mug

April showers do indeed bring May flowers, but April also brings some much-deserved attention to the craft of brewing. This is the time that breweries release their spring seasonals. Some are repeats of previous years, some are new to the palate, and most are worth a try. Here are some of the best spring seasonal brews that can be found locally.

A comedy to make you sing

It’s only once a year that Portland State’s Department of Music puts on an opera, and it’s that time again. This year the department’s pick is Franz Lehár’s The Merry Widow, an operetta with intertwined love stories reminiscent of one of Shakespeare’s comedies.

Films and bikes together at last

As if the Bicycle Show last weekend wasn’t enough to satisfy Portland’s lust for bicycle culture, the Filmed By Bike festival this weekend should give bicycle enthusiasts more than enough to get their pedals spinning.

Role-play and murder

A playwright and convicted felon, French dramatist Jean Genet had a knack for making heads turn with his sinister depictions of society. His play The Maids is no exception, and Portland State University’s Theater Department is bringing the translated version to the stage for two nights.

Good humor and healthy breasts

Breast cancer isn’t a laughing matter, but raising awareness for it doesn’t have to be dull. A group of four comedians will be performing in Portland this week, doling out some humor while promoting breast cancer awareness. They call themselves the Pink Ribbon Comedy Tour.

How faux-ny!

The name, Faux Film Festival (FFF), might be confusing. No, it’s not a fake festival—it’s quite real and has been running for six years now. Rather, it’s a festival that features fake films. Spoofs, satires, faux commercials, faux film trailers…the list goes on.

Wild dogs in the city streets

It was a chilly March morning nine years ago when Iditarod teams first set out from under the Hawthorne Bridge shouting “mush!” and racing through the icy city streets in packs of five or more.

Still cold enough for barley wine

While Portland is known for hosting large beer festivals that bring in hundreds and sometimes thousands of people, plenty of local breweries have also taken to hosting their own smaller, cheaper versions of these festivals.

Feeling quizzical

What was the name of Jacques Cousteau’s research ship? What coin did the first slot machine use? What’s an infant eagle called? If you have a head for trivia—or you simply like to play—you should check out one of the many trivia and quiz nights around town.

Singing on the job

The idea of musical theater tends to conjure images of peppy actors hamming it up with catchy songs and dance. But Working, the latest show from the Department of Theater Arts, doesn’t fall neatly into that category. It’s not a strictly traditional or contemporary musical.