Death’s fragile “other half”

“Everything we say about death is actually about life,” Kyoki Mori observes in her contribution to the new anthology “The Inevitable: Contemporary Writers Confront Death,” edited by David Shields and Bradford Morrow.

Where memoir meets funny

Most people know Michael Showalter from MTV’s “The State” or the 2001 summer camp parody “Wet Hot American Summer” or various other comedy collaborations with David Wain and Michael Ian Black, et al.

Just call me Darcelle

The first time Walter Cole put on a dress, he looked at his reflection in a full-length mirror and said, “Walter, what the hell have you done?”

The Mel Blanc Project

Many of our first associations with the name Mel Blanc are the cozy and simple weekend mornings of our childhoods, grounded by the familiar Technicolor images of the Warner Brothers logo.

The art of listening

Most of us—if we were lucky—were read to as children, by parents or grandparents sitting at our bedsides, lulling us into a slumber with tales of heroism or fantasy or, at the least, talking animals.

A new American legacy

Like most presidential portraits, these images are majestic and prestigious. Each president is figured in a noble stance, gazing righteously at his observer.