We are what we know’

“If there is life after death, would it be true that the only thing we’d take with us is all that we know?” Shelly Brady, a New York Times bestselling author, pondered in a recent e-mail interview.

Take a Mother’s Day hike to remember

This Mother’s Day, friends and family are sponsoring a hike in Forest Park to remember former Portland State student Katie Shearer, who passed away in late January from malignant melanoma cancer. The Katie-Shearer Hike-a-Thon will be accepting donations to raise money for the Shearer family and the National Cancer Institute.

Spreading the universal love

“I clown with a child that has had their face burned off, and all I see is a beautiful face,” said Dr. Hunter “Patch” Adams, speaking to an eager crowd of pre-med students, professors and locals on Friday evening from a stage in Hoffman Hall.

Starting a new way of sharing discoveries

By the end of this summer, Portland State physics professor Erik Sanchez and his colleagues, including doctoral candidate Derek Nowak, will publish and then release to the public their design for the first-ever open-source electron microscope.

Ready to branch out

When Bao Vuong became president of the Vietnamese Student Association in the spring of 2007, he came to the job with the desire to branch out and expand the VSA’s connections with other student groups.

She lived her life in full

In the sticky heat of this past August, Katie Shearer and her friends went skydiving. Everyone was excited but nervous, except for Katie, who was everything but nervous. While the others felt sick to their stomachs, Katie munched on food, eager to get up in the air.

Portland State oddities: below the basement

Students who go prowling in the sub-basement of Portland State’s Smith Memorial Student Union may be surprised to find a strange, metallic object just inside a storage room at the bottom of the staircase leading down from the building’s basement.