On that point: Dying with dignity

The right to die debate flew out of control this last week in Italy with its central figure, 38-year-old Eluana Englaro, dying of a heart attack after 17 years in a vegetative state.

Cracking skulls

Let’s be clear: Third Rail’s newest production, A Skull in Connemara isn’t life-changing. It won’t open your eyes to the fantastic world of innovative theatre or leave you on the edge of your seat.

Please me

While I am no sexpert, I do know a thing or two about being in long stretches of time without anyone to comfort some of my needs. Here are some options.

On that point: January 16 2009

On a recent trip to London, I had the fortunate, or possibly unfortunate, experience of coming face to face with passionate protesters marching and generally causing havoc due to the current crisis in Gaza.

On that point: A weekly column examining media

For the last installation of “On That Point” for 2008, a discussion of hope is in order. Based on a symposium at the New York Public Library, entitled “What Happens Now: The 2008 Election,” prolific writer Joan Didion believes that because of the Obama election, irony is now out of style, and “Naivete, translated into “hope,” [is] now in.”