Activism training at PSU

The three-day activism-training event, Procession for the Future, concludes today at PSU with a parade, an activist “theme park” and music performances in the Park Blocks and activist training sessions.

Girls versus boys

The survival of the grass known as Distichlis spicata mostly depends on whether it is female or male. Ecology professor Sarah Eppley has been studying this unique grass for fifteen years. Because of her work, she was recently granted over $250,000 from the National Science Foundation to fund her studies of this phenomenon in a field experiment with graduate students.

Expert on bigotry shines light on hate

For Randy Blazak, teaching is a performance. “I like messing with people’s minds. I came from a world where everything is a performance, teaching intro [classes] is like a low-level performance art piece,” he said.

PSU mini-triathlon to be held this weekend

Students will have the opportunity to compete in a triathlon this week at Portland State, with running, biking and swimming events represented. The abbreviated style of the triathlon is aimed as an introduction to the larger event.

Finding a brighter outlook

Many people suffer from depression every day. For students, college can be a stressful environment, which can bring down your mood. However, while most people go through the occasional bout of feeling down or depressed, depressive disorders are recurring and can be long lasting, emotionally draining or damaging.

Want to ditch the itch? Visit SHAC

Herpes. Syphilis. Gonorrhea. Do you have them? Do you know someone who does? You will probably be happy to know that most sexually transmitted infections can in fact be treated, and there are a number of resources at your disposal to learn about your infection and to help lessen the risk of going out and infecting someone else.

Contemplating secession, sustainably

Collin Ferguson wants to create a new nation. The urban and regional studies graduate student is one of the founding members of the Cascadia Society, a sustainability-themed group that wants to create a new nation along the coast between Vancouver, B.C. and Northern California and cutting off at the Columbia River.

Building community with garbage

As a hall director in Broadway, Chris Carter does his part to promote sustainable living and community in his student housing building. A senior and business finance major, Carter has been a hall director in the Broadway Housing Building for over a year and a half.

An advocate for gender equality

Six years ago, Portland State Women’s Studies Professor Christa Orth was performing around Portland as a drag king with Come Out Against the War, a queer group with a political edge. Today, she is co-chair of the Sexual Gender Equality Task Force at PSU, the group that recently helped add protections for the transgender community in the office and classroom. Orth has not gone far from her days as an activist.