Sex trafficking awareness event today

When one hears the word “slavery,” they may think of something that was abolished two centuries ago. The organizers of an event tonight want the public to know that slavery is still very much alive, but in a different form. Today, there are an estimated 27 million slaves in the world.

PSU has a portal

A little-known new technology for Portland State students will be getting more exposure this month when spring registration begins.

Interims in high places

Interim employees at Portland State are fairly common. Currently, high-level administrative positions such as the assistant vice provost of marketing and communications and vice president of university relations are waiting to be filled by permanent employees.

Population Research Center moves up

Last August, the Population Research Center moved from the fifth floor of the Urban Center, located on Southwest Sixth and Mill, to the seventh floor. The move is not the only change at the center—it recently merged with the Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies.