Researching paranormal phenomena at PSU

New student group investigates paranormal with science, holistic and spiritual approach

For the paranormal researcher, science is vital to understanding paranormal events, but it still has its limits. Explaining the unexplainable means looking at all the factors and knowing that not everything can be explained. The researcher’s goal is not to invalidate the paranormal experience, but to help people understand the experience.

Women’s suffrage in Oregon turns 100

PSU lecture honors women who battled for voting equality

More than 100 years ago, four Portland women stood up against voting inequality and called for citizenship rights for women. Abigail Scott Duniway, Maria Hendee, M.A. Lambert and Mary Beatty campaigned across Oregon, raising awareness of the Woman Suffrage Movement throughout the U.S. Their campaign suffered censure from liquor lobbyists and other anti-suffrage groups, but they continued on, rallying for fairness. In November 1912, Oregon voters granted women—by 52 percent— the right to vote.

PSU black studies department celebrates 40th anniversary

Replica of the Stone of Hope monument will be on display

The Stone of Hope stands at the entrance to the Martin Luther King Jr. National Monument in Washington, D.C., surrounded by cherry trees and overlooking the Tidal Basin. The stone itself, a divided boulder, ushers visitors through the doorway to a
30-foot granite representation of King. Each side bears inscriptions taken from King’s speeches, reading “Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope,” and “I was a drum major for justice, peace and righteousness.”

Google privacy, redefined

New policy raises concerns over user information

Google recently unveiled upcoming changes to its privacy policy, changes that have called into question whether Google users will have full control over their personal data.

Scheduled to go into effect March 1, the policy simplifies 60 product-specific polices under one umbrella policy, which will help Google aggregate collected user information.