Impeachment bogged down

The impeachment proceedings against a Student Fee Committee member will continue in the Ombuds Office after the decision by the Student Senate was overturned by the Judicial Board. The Student Senate didn’t have enough votes to overrule the board’s decision.

Illegitimate impeachment

After the Student Senate spent two meetings on the impeachment proceedings of a Student Fee Committee member, the ASPSU Judicial Board decided the final decision to impeach was not legitimate.

20 years of Student Parents Services

As Portland State’s Student Parent Services celebrates its 20-year anniversary, its coordinator Lola Lawson reflects upon the milestones the program has reached along the way, including the installation of additional childcare equipment and an expansion of services.

Liberian Books Project

A short time ago, many children in Liberia were forced to choose between becoming child soldiers or starving. A group of students at Portland State are pitching in to give children the option of education.

PSU Sigma Pi has eldest member in country

Portland State’s Sigma Pi Sigma chapter includes the nation’s most senior member, physics professor emeritus Gertrude Rempfer. She was recognized as a Sigma Pi honorary member in December 2008, during the chapter’s induction.