Students voices drown out street harassment

On Wednesday at the Women’s Resource Center, students of all stripes—male and female, gay and straight, black and white—congregated to speak out against street harassment. The WRC was packed for the “Hollaback!” open mic event that gave students a chance to share their experiences, thoughts and feelings, all in the spirit of showing a united front against the shadow of harassment that hangs over many people on and off campus.

SHAC, hospital pricing and student health care

Almost two weeks ago, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services released a revealing set of data about the prices charged by hospitals for various inpatient procedures. The database catalogs the top 100 most-billed discharges, ranging from seizure treatment to cardiac arrest, across the U.S.

General assembly sparks conversation

In 2012, students across the Canadian province of Quebec went on strike. Hundreds of thousands of students marched against government legislation that would have led to an increase in tuition rates. The student protests quickly gained momentum as thousands—largely liberal groups, ranging from workers unions to leftist political parties—joined a common cause.


Meet Professor Katy Barber, associate professor of history. Vanguard: What is a geek to you? Katy Barber: Not me! (Laughs.) Someone who is intensely passionate about something that is not…

Congressman Schrader calls for immigration reform

Following the 2012 presidential election, questions were asked in Republican circles about the results of the election. How was President Barack Obama elected to a second term when Republicans were positive Mitt Romney would win?

Bike theft workshop on tap tonight

Imagine you’ve just finished a long day of classes. You’re tired, you want to get home so you can eat and get started on some reading, or maybe just veg out and watch some TV. Now imagine that when you approach the bike rack where your bike should be, your ride is nowhere to be found. You’re still tired, but now you’re pissed off and wondering, “Why me?” Tonight, two Portland State students, Zach Gough and Erin Charpentier, will hold a workshop to address bike theft and how students can inform themselves and others about the problem.