Dear Santa, Give us a new president for Christmas

While Portland State’s new president will not be chosen until sometime in 2008, faculty, students and administrators will consider over winter break which qualities they would like in their new leader. In the holiday spirit, The Vanguard checked in with a number of people on campus, asking what characteristics and experiences might go onto their presidential wish list.

Holiday cookies

Whether you are a fan of chocolate, nuts, caramel or spice, there is a holiday cookie out there for you. And thank goodness, because to get through the gift giving, family visiting and seasonal-music bombardment of the next month or so, we could all use some more sugar.

Easy Thanksgiving dinner

If you’re thinking about making Thanksgiving dinner for friends or family this holiday, right about now you might be getting cold feet. You might be asking yourself, “Where’s the nearest buffet?” Don’t despair. You can make a delicious holiday meal in just a few hours time, and you don’t need to shell out much cash to do it either.

Thinking of a Ph.D.? Try McNair

Collin Fellows knows what it means to be persistent. Starting his college career in 1987, Fellows attended four universities in Oregon and Ohio, each time finding a new reason to stop going to school.

A secret exposed

It is lunchtime again, and we’re trying to find a five-dollar lunch that is healthy, delicious and filling. Spending less might even leave a few much-needed quarters for the laundry machine (what a treat that would be!).

The humble pumpkin

While jack-o’-lanterns will grace the stoops of many homes this evening, spooking trick-or-treaters, the humble pumpkin also deserves to be front and center in the kitchen this time of year.

A path to success

Several Portland State students were recognized for their academic achievements, receiving scholarships this past weekend at the Portland Convention Center at an annual gala for PSU’s Annual Chicano/Latino Scholarship program.