Street smarts

A Portland cyclist has filed a lawsuit for $10,000 for injuries she received from a collision with a police car, prompting me to once again wonder how exactly the police uphold traffic laws and safety measures. I also wonder why this woman was riding a $750 beach cruiser on the sidewalk of one of the least-safe streets in the city.

Bully propaganda

Portlandia, please stop. Three seasons was torturous enough to make it well known that Portland is, and will remain, weird. Two additional seasons is akin to beating the dead horse with Hellfire missiles.

It’s like riding a bike

A committee from the City Club of Portland has proposed there should be a 4 percent tax on all new bicycle sales within the city. I know that you, reader, are either gasping in shock or laughing, and maybe even applying an ice pack to your head to relieve the mildly irritating headache this absurdity causes.

Butt tax

Smoking is true freedom: a glorious exhibition of one’s inner dragon, a sexy statement of youthful allure, a luxurious way to hire a hit man for five dollars a day.

Concealed carry

The hot-ticket debate over gun control has arisen again, but the random acts of violence that caused this debate to resurface are impossible to predict and so destructive that a select few have taken power into their own hands.