A national betrayal

Whose fault was the disaster following Hurricane Katrina? Just after the flood started and the weaknesses in our infrastructure became apparent, all sorts of finger pointing ensued. At first, there were two schools of thought. On the one hand it was the victims’ fault for living in such a vulnerable area. On the other, it was FEMA’s fault for not responding quickly or adequately enough.

Absurdly disappointing cinema

I admit to being someone who likes unusual, nonmainstream films. I look for them on purpose. But there is a fine line between unusual and ridiculous. Absurdistan falls into the latter category.

I really wanted to like this film. Taking after the Greek play Lysistrata (wherein the women of Athens refuse to have sex with their husbands until the men stop going to war), this film has women refusing to have sex with lazy, good-for-nothing men until they fix the pipes that bring the water into their village.

Tiny dancers

Every year, hundreds of thousands of girls dream of becoming ballerinas. Ballerina follows five young women who’ve achieved their dreams to varying degrees.

Art about struggling artists

Art is very subjective, so documentaries about artists tend to be very subjective as well. Our City Dreams is a look at five female artists who have ended up in New York for a variety of reasons.

Out of Africa

Every culture creates film that says something about itself. So, aside from the general entertainment value of film viewing, attending a film festival is usually a learning experience.

In deep

The interesting thing about seeing movies that are part of a film festival is that you never quite know what to expect. The films can range from the funny, to the adventurous, to the outright strange.

A severe lack of flash

It is an unfortunate fact that movies that do very well at American theaters are often replete with sex, violence and loud, in-your-face action. If this describes success in film, then Wendy and Lucy will definitely not be a hit.