Gang violence is wrong

“The Avenging Eagle” directed by Chung Sun stimulates viewers through long pans, non-typical points of view and melodramatic fight scenes.

In memoriam of a best friend

“My Dog Tulip” takes an animated look at J.R. Ackerley’s cult novel that follows the memoirs of an older, lonely man and the German shepherd who transforms his life inside and out.

A touch of brilliance

“A Touch of Evil” (1958) is what can be expected of any Orson Welles film: thoughtful, cinematically enlightening and classic.

Let them play

Confrontational and empowering, “Sounds like a Revolution,” award winner of the 2010 NXNE, Woodstock, Windsor International, Festivale des Liberties and Rain Dance Film Festivals, documents the magic behind music which will “enrage, enlighten and inspire.”

The lighter side of Kurosawa

The Japanese film “The Hidden Fortress” (1958) follows two greedy peasant stooges, Tahei (Minoru Chiaki) and Matashichi (Kamatari Fujiwara), through their adventures in war-torn feudal Japan

What it means to be sane

“Guilty Except for Insanity,” along with being comprehensive and insightful, is a particularly special film because it hits close to home.