Fire or rehire?

Higher One’s Facebook page, despite having almost 65,000 “likes,” is full of vocal criticism. A recent post, in which Higher One asked fans what they considered the best Valentine’s Day gift, prompted a dozen people to respond that they’d like to finally get their refunds.

University maps your future

PSU’s new four-year maps feature a quarter-by-quarter breakdown of a student’s entire undergraduate career. Previously, the maps were only available from departments that opted to
create them.

Education reform on legislative agenda

The Oregon legislature opened for business on Monday, and Gov. John Kitzhaber is expected to implement sweeping educational reforms. The reforms are part of the Oregon 40-40-20 goal to see 40 percent of Oregonians with a four-year degree by 2025. Because of the weighty and unprecedented nature of the reforms, many Portland State and Oregon University System administrators are unsure exactly how this will happen or what the effects will be.

Terms set for Pernsteiner

The Oregon State Board of Higher Education completed its separation agreement with former Chancellor George Pernsteiner on Monday.

OUS chancellor quits

On Friday, Oregon University System Chancellor George Pernsteiner gave his notice, signaling that more change is coming for Oregon’s eight public universities.

Legislature researches cheaper textbooks

Last year, the Oregon State Legislature passed a bill to help find ways to make textbooks more affordable for students. House Bill 4058 sits among the morass of 68 House bills and 44 Senate bills passed in the 2012 Oregon Legislature.

Rent with caution

Classes have just started up again. At the Portland State Bookstore, a line of customers loops around the store, through the aisles and down the staircase.

They’re waiting to pay for books they are buying or renting, a back-to-school ritual for thousands of PSU students each term.

Why was the power off?

Intentional blackouts hit 13 university buildings for as much as an hour at a time during winter break.

From Dec. 23 to Jan. 1, outages occurred almost daily. The west campus electrical infrastructure is poorly documented, leaving it vulnerable to failure, and the outages were part of an assessment to fix this problem.

Not just ‘please’ and ‘thank you

Manners and etiquette from an expert (sort of) “A guide to manners and etiquette?” you might be thinking incredulously. “You’re not my mother, Dining Guide!” Well, that’s true. But let me offer a case for thoughtful etiquette that has nothing to do with authoritarian figures yelling at you.

No, my argument is simple, entirely selfish and very easy to follow: Acting nice makes you feel nice. Making other people happy does, too.

CPSO proposes campus police force

ASPSU Senate expresses concerns

On a dark, rainy Tuesday, the Associated Students of Portland State University senate convened. The hottest topic on the agenda: the Campus Public Safety Office.