Top 10 Perfectly Portland Places

Every city has character. Everyone knows Portland for its plethora of mostly odd entertainment options mixed with Mother Nature and a dash of nerdcore. Here’s a list of parks and businesses, both nationally known and obscure, that put a face on Portland’s zany flavor.

Upcoming at 5th Avenue Cinema

In 1940, Alfred Hitchcock’s psycho thriller Rebecca won an Oscar for Best Picture. Not bad for his first American film. This Gothic suspense opens with a fantastical sequence: a moon hidden beneath clouds, dissolving into a mansion’s gate, followed by a long take panning across a foggy path.

Bug Eater’s Delight

I did it. I ate a scorpion. And mealworms. With ice cream. With a cherry on top. And it wasn’t that bad.I was trying to find something bizarre and creepy to do in Portland, and I remembered my friend telling me about eating bug sundaes at the Freakybuttrue Peculiarium and Museum.

Double, double toil and trouble

No Lovecraftian tentacles peered out from the shadows as I had expected—well, hoped—except the random gnarled root sticking out from the pale, muddied earth, obstructing the trail and mocking me.

Laugh out loud

“If you want to make an audience laugh, you dress a man up like an old lady and push her down the stairs. If you want to make comedy writers laugh, you push an actual old lady down the stairs.” —Tina Fey

Where to go when you come out

When I asked my friends about their top five gay bars in Portland, the first response I got was, “I wouldn’t use the word ‘top’ in reference to them. They are mostly bottoms.” Cute!
Anyway, here’s a quick-and-dirty list I compiled with local comedian and self-proclaimed “resident gay” Belinda Carroll.

Food activists dig up tips to help students eat local

Eating locally harvested foods can quickly get expensive, especially for college students, and the PSU Food Action Collective is offering a solution. FAC is leading workshops for students interested in how to eat local food on a tight budget. They are in the middle of a six-part series called Healthy, Easy, Affordable and Local.

Lincoln Hall’s glass tower to exhibit performance art

Passersby will get a VIP view of performing arts within the new glass tower at Lincoln Hall, which is to be fully constructed by the end of September. Barbara Sestak, dean of the College of the Arts, is directing the construction of the beacon that will visually showcase the newly founded college at Portland State.