PSU inaugurates College of the Arts

The newly inducted College of the Arts was feted on Wednesday in the Shattuck Hall Annex. The event announced a $2.3 million donation made by local philanthropist Arlene Schnitzer. The funds will facilitate the construction of a three-story glass tower in Lincoln Hall, intended to boost attention for Portland State’s new COTA.

Sensitive smoke detectors desensitize students

Smoke detectors on campus are extremely sensitive, especially in the Smith Memorial Student Union building. A couple of weeks ago, a dirty smoke detector triggered the fire alarm, and everyone had to evacuate SMSU.

Provost to invest $3 million in cyber-based upgrades

Technological advancements are revamping higher education, and Portland State is next. The Provost’s Challenge, now underway, is set to accelerate the development of proposed technology-based changes to college programs and resources at PSU.

Herpes 101

The gift that keeps giving. Cat’s tongue. Last-laugh sores. Some even call the herpes simplex virus a life sentence.
Two types of HSV exist. Type 1 is a cold sore or fever blister. Type 2 is the usual cause of genital herpes. Both HSV-1 and HSV-2 can infect either the mouth or genitals.

Murder, intrigue and love this V-Day

This V-Day, take your Valentine to see a comedic murder-mystery romance complete with espionage, war and love at the Northwest premiere of Michael Hollinger’s Red Herring, hitting the stage at Artists Repertory Theatre this month. “Companies arm-wrestle [for] the rights to plays, and we fought to get this one,” said the theater’s marketing director, Nicole Lane.

D2L crash hits students poised for midterms

A catastrophic software crash nixed studying for midterms for some students at Portland State last week. Learning software giant Desire2Learn stopped working on Tuesday, Jan. 29. Service at PSU resumed on Friday.

King of claymation

“Today, art is all but dead anyway,” according to Czech filmmaker Jan Svankmajer, the
godfather of stop-motion animation who popularized claymation. The Portland Art Museum’s Northwest Film Center is presenting a retrospective of Svankmajer’s influential career that
continues to run this weekend at the center’s Whitsell Auditorium.

Professor proposes MOOCs cluster

Massive open online courses are all the rage as society is propelled ever faster into the digital age. MOOCs aren’t new, but they are becoming increasingly popular among universities.

Future cult classics come to Portland

Everyone loves to quote films: People may say they hate it, but everyone does it. No one has made more quotable movies than Jason Trost, the current kingpin of cult. Mark my words, his movies will go viral.

WRC bolsters services

Jessica Amo was named director of the Women’s Resource Center on Jan. 1, and in the past couple of weeks alone she’s already filled her plate with a plethora of projects.

Students share perspectives

Watching the sun set against the Giza pyramids, tasting authentic pastries in France or riding a bullet train in Japan—any of this could be part of your senior capstone curriculum.