The highest rung

During a wet and frigid halftime of a football game at PGE Park on Saturday, the Portland State Lacrosse Club showcased their skills in a crosstown scrimmage against University of Portland.

Fan at the stand

For the third straight year, I was afforded the opportunity to commemorate the end of pro basketball’s summer absence with Portland on Tuesday.

Softball heads into hibernation

Wrapping up their fall schedule with a 4-1 loss to Oregon State University, the Portland State softball team goes into the winter break with the confidence that spring will bear voluminous fruit.

Men’s Soccer Club diverse, professional

The Portland State Men’s Soccer Club is an example of the values inherent within this university. With a host of players from a variety of countries and a coach from Chile, the team plays in a competitive and passionate atmosphere derived from cultural zeal and a drive to compete at the highest levels.

Stung at home

After last week’s win narrowly slipped through their hands, the Portland State Vikings needed a win to avoid putting themselves into an early season hole.

Cris Lewis rewrites record book

Cris Lewis was 12 years old when she remembers telling her mother that one day she would play college soccer—a fact her mother tearfully reminded her of on the night of Sept. 20.

It was that night when, after defeating North Dakota State, 21-year-old Lewis found herself at the top of three of Portland State’s all-time soccer records.