Lazy Sundays

It’s a gray Sunday afternoon at the Florida Room, and none of my stock questions are generating anything substantial from The Whines.

The French connection

Casey Dienel is a soft-spoken, impassioned singer/songwriter. What’s that you say? You, your girlfriend, her sister and the dude who bagged your groceries this afternoon are all soft-spoken, impassioned singer/songwriters?

Getting bent

In keeping with the popularity of Portland’s multiple weekend-long music festivals, Slabtown’s third annual Bender brings the Rose City three days of the goods.

Living under the radar

Their three-year history is one of near breakthroughs and close calls with notoriety, as their often playful and experimental sound consistently flirts with being misunderstood.

Seven minutes in heaven

Arrington De Dionyso’s horn-rimmed glasses and pronounced mustache don’t illuminate much about his creative character. Neither do his snowflake patterned, 1970s ski sweater or the comfortable piece of attic crawlspace he’s invited me into for an interview.