Is Nick and Norah the next Juno?

As the faux hand-drawn opening credits dance across the screen, it’s immediately apparent that the producers of Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist had hoped that this film would be the next Juno. Featuring a cast of quirky high schoolers, music from a variety of not-so-indie indie bands and, of course, Michael Cera, the basic ingredients were all there to capitalize on the success of last year’s pregnant-teen comedy.

J.J. Abrams effs up

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Fringe four episodes into the season, it’s that using mass transit will result in painful, occasionally gooey death. The cold openings accompanying both the series premiere and the third episode feature the deaths of passengers aboard a commercial airliner and a public bus, respectively. So when the MAX Green Line finally opens, I am staying the fuck away.

Lost in TV Land

As the canned laughter accompanying yet another corroded, half-baked joke on Do Not Disturb died down, I glanced dejectedly at the pile of DVDs FOX had sent for review in anticipation of its fall television lineup.

Tips from a battle-tested source

I have found housing twice via the Internet’s holy grail of classifieds, and I will admit the process can yield some pretty inconsistent results. That is, until you can master the beast that is Craigslist. Later, I will offer some tips on landing the perfect place on Craigslist. But, first, I would like to share a few stories from my house shopping experience on Craigslist.