Vegan-friendly options

A concise guide to eating vegan at PSU and in downtown Portland

Any vegan will tell you that finding a place to dine out can be a real problem. Portland has made a lot of headway, but it can still be difficult to track down the right places when you’re new to town, especially if you’re in a hurry. Here’s a list of nearby places that offer a variety of tasty vegan options.

Deathly hallows: Professor and artist Dong-Lin Chung’s Korea-based works of etching and watercolor are inspired by ancient Goguryeo tomb paintings.

East meets West in etching and watercolor

South Korean professor’s The Joy of Prints exhibits her past in Korea and her present in Oregon

The Eastern and Western worlds come together in the artwork of South Korean professor Dong-Lim Chung, whose exhibit, The Joy of Prints, is now on display in the Portland State MK Gallery.

“I remember thinking: ‘How can I translate the strong impression from the scenery?’” Chung said, reflecting on her first visit to Multnomah Falls just days after her arrival to Oregon in February. “I wanted to express the emotional feeling by using colorful media.”

A comedy of manners: Jean Renior’s classic The Rules of the Game (1939) was banned in its time but was eventually declared a masterpiece.

A tragicomic view from the top

Jean Renior’s classic The Rules of the Game hits the NorthwestFilm Center

How often do you get to see a classic of cinema on the big screen?

This weekend, you’ll have that opportunity. The Northwest Film Center is screening Jean Renoir’s critically acclaimed French satire The Rules of the Game (1939) this Saturday and Sunday.

Sustainably sweet

Ecuador’s Kallari Association treats Portland State to a fair trade chocolate tasting

Make no mistake: Americans love their chocolate. Projected by the United States Census Bureau to reach $18 billion this year in sales, it’s a commodity on the rise.

And with the increasing popularity of organic farming, fair trade and other sustainability-minded practices, shouldn’t many consumers pay closer attention to where the fondest of confections comes from?

More than skin deep

Portland’s third annual Tattoo Expo draws talent from around the globe

Over two hundred tattoo artists gathered in the Portland Metropolitan Expo Center last weekend to showcase their array of goods and services, from supplies for the practicing tattoo artist to shirts and artwork for the casual visitor.

Sustainable chocolate?!

PSU’s Institute for Sustainable Solutions to hold a fair trade chocolate tasting

In love with chocolate? You’re in good company.

On Wednesday, Portland State’s Institute for Sustainable Solutions will give you an opportunity to learn a little more about the cacao bean. The institute has partnered with the Kallari Cooperative, a farmers cooperative based in the Amazon, to present a discussion about its work with sustainably harvested cocoa.