Groomed to text

Personally, I don’t think kids need to learn to text, it seems like they figure it out just fine. If you don’t believe me, ask a high school teacher. The device, while likely to be purchased by parents looking for a distraction for their kids, is completely unnecessary.

We are livin’ in a caffeine world

In our intensely busy society, being awake when we need to be awake and functional seems to get more difficult with each day. When one has to pull an all-nighter, what is the first thing that happens?

Crying wolf?

On Monday Jan. 13, Arab nations released a statement claiming that Israel had used ammunition that had depleted uranium in it. Israel denied it. Before we go any further it should be known that somebody screwed the pooch on this one.

Portland ‘garden’ State

Like Portlanders everywhere, students on this campus are lining up for anything sustainable. We want our campus to have recycling bins, we have a vegan café in the basement of Smith Memorial Student Union and Stephen Epler Residence Hall uses rainwater for its toilets

Corporations kill Christmas

Christmas is great. I like Christmas. The lights, the carols, the tree, you know the whole shebang. I don’t even mind corporations having sales, and commercials trying to get people to buy presents to give to their loved ones.

Worse than the whalers

Just a few days before Christmas, Sea Shepherd activists threw over 25 bottles of acid formed from rotting butter to protest a Japanese whaling ship that claims it is performing research.

(Un)fix your bike

Bicycles are all the rage for getting around Portland. There are many different types of bicycles that could be used: road bikes, mountain bikes, BMX bikes, 10-speed bikes, 24-speed bikes, one-speed bikes or fixed-speed bikes. However, this article only focuses on one of them: fixed-speed bicycles.

Auto industry does not deserve a bailout

The auto industry is in trouble financially. While this may come as no surprise to most economists, the breadth of its trouble is vast. According to Reuters, in the last year Ford’s shares have dropped 80 percent and GM’s shares have dropped 90 percent. Ford, General Motors and Chrysler are all in danger of going bankrupt by early next year. They blame the financial crisis the U.S. is currently in.

Like a good neighbor, the U.S. military is there… to raid you

Last week the United States instructed troops stationed in Iraq to raid a Syrian village in an attempt to kill or capture a high-ranking Al Qaeda official. Eight Syrian civilians were killed. Syria is on the borders of both Iraq and Israel. Needless to say, it is a very volatile place. Yet, Washington hasn’t confirmed the attack, while U.S. officials say the target was a top al-Qaeda figure in Iraq.

Bunny should go bye-bye

When Taffey Anderson noticed that her son had checked out Bunny Suicides from his school library, she browsed through the book. What was inside the book appalled her, so she decided to take action. She confiscated the book from her son and refused to return it. She filled out all the paperwork required to get the book banned from the library, however there was one hold up. She refused to return the book.