Negative ads make a mess

If you have watched a TV commercial in the last two months I would be shocked if you have not seen the commercials featuring senatorial candidates Gordon Smith and Jeff Merkley slinging mud at each other. Based on their commercials you should be terrified to vote for either of the two candidates in the upcoming election. These commercials are an atrocity that should be outlawed. I don’t mean illegal and we might fine you, I mean hey, if you air them you will be tied to a pole and beaten until you are a bloody pulp. Or at least taken off the air, with disapproval by the network and the community.

The choice is yours

This November, millions of people are going to exercise one of the many rights they have as an American. They are going to vote for the person that they feel is the most qualified to be the president of the United States. We all know that as an American citizen you have the right to vote in elections as long as you fulfill the minimum age requirement. But how many of us are going to vote for the candidate we actually want? In a perfect world, that would include everyone; but, alas, that is not the case.