Chiron Studies Could See Merger

The 1960s saw a period of marked social and political change in the U.S. This high tide of activism and civic engagement was not missed at Portland State where, in…

Waste Reduction Task Force builds ‘repurposed’ greenhouse

When one thinks about recycling, three words often come to mind: reduce, reuse and recycle. At Portland State, a project is underway to help us rethink the parameters of waste reduction efforts. The Waste Reduction Task Force, funded through the Sustainability Leadership Center, is working on constructing a greenhouse made up almost entirely of repurposed waste materials.

SHAC adds acupuncture to roster of services

Portland State University’s Center for Student Health and Counseling began offering acupuncture therapy this month. The service was introduced on May 6 and is being offered by appointment on Mondays.

Activist urges unity

On Saturday, the International Socialist Organization hosted Bill Fletcher Jr., a renowned Marxist and labor activist, who spoke before a modest yet passionate crowd at the United Church of Christ in Northeast Portland.

New director chosen for Master of Social Work Program

Portland State’s School of Social Work has hired a new director for its Master of Social Work program. Keva Miller, who received her master’s degree in social work from the University of Texas at Austin and her doctoral degree from Fordham University in New York, has taken the position.

Creating community spaces

Portland State hosted its first Walk of the Heroines lecture last week, to commemorate efforts made on campus to create community spaces as a way to promote sustainability.

PSU gets its own Chinook Book app

Portland State’s Institute for Sustainable Solutions has teamed up with Celilo Group Media’s Chinook Book to provide the PSU community with access to a free mobile app.

Students work to clean up water quality

What if a giant network of thirsty sponges could be “planted” in soil to make water cleaner? Four Portland State students, with the help of a Solutions Generator grant from PSU’s Institute for Sustainable Solutions, are researching how bioswales can help mitigate nutrient-rich runoff that can harm water supplies in farming communities.

Tim Wise tackles racism questions

How can activism against racism in America today be best directed? Tim Wise, an anti-racism lecturer, writer and educator shared his experience, knowledge and opinions on the issue at Portland State on Wednesday night.

Tim Wise to visit PSU

Portland State will host a lecture by Tim Wise, a prominent anti-racism writer and educator, on Wednesday at 6 p.m. in the Stott Center gymnasium.