Turning a corner on the zigzag bridge

Do you ever wonder why people get up so early on Saturday mornings, when they could be sleeping? While most spend their time hiking or visiting the local farmers markets, this Saturday some lucky and dedicated community members will jump out of bed, fuel up at the nearest coffee chain and come to Portland State’s First Saturday Lecture.

Potato Champion

12th Avenue & SE Hawthorne foodcart pods

This food cart pod is located on the corner of Hawthorne and Southeast 12th Avenue next to Tiny’s coffee shop and across the street from Burgerville. You can access the carts by bus number 14, which stops across the street from the pod. Street parking is available and free on the east side of the river. The carts are only 10 minutes away from Portland State University.

This food cart pod is known for being open late, catering to the bar scene and being a hipster playground. Most of the carts are open from 11 a.m. to 3 a.m. every day.

Transfixed by 2 for 1A student canvasses the student-made art in the Autzen Gallery’s 2 for 1 exhibition.

Two shows in one

Friends of Graphic Design’s exhibitions combine art in new ways

Portland State’s Friends of Graphic Design team is currently hosting displays in two art galleries, which will be featured today through Nov. 22.

The event will be split into two gallery exhibitions titled 2 for 1 and Life Long Work Month. Both galleries challenge the student artists involved by imposing certain limitations on their work.

2 for 1 will be held in the Autzen Gallery, located on the second floor of Neuberger Hall, and consists of several pieces limited to two colors of each designers’ choice

Stock up! Oregon’s largest book sale, hosted by Friends of the Multnomah Country Library, will cater to the tastes of every reader.

Bargain books by the bucket

Oregon’s largest used book sale coming this weekend

The Friends of the Multnomah County Library, an independent nonprofit organization, will host Oregon’s largest used book sale, taking place Oct. 28–31. The sale will be located at the Double Tree Hotel at 1000 NE Multnomah St., across from Lloyd Center.

“This year we have a great venue. The Double Tree is very convenient to get to, flexible parking and public transportation–friendly,” Friends of the Multnomah County Library President Craig Cedros said.

Fountainheads of architectural insight

PSU’s department of architecture is presenting a lecture series about the “first causes” of architecture

Say goodbye to vintage brick buildings and hello to metal and glass.

The Portland State department of architecture is currently presenting a lecture series called “Firsts,” wherein scholars share their most innovative ideas and breakthroughs with students and the public. In so doing, they widen the conversation about architectural possibilities here in Portland.

The ordinary made extraordinary

Joseph Webb’s hyper-realistic Sight Beyond Vision graces PSU’s White Gallery

Joseph Webb, a student at Pacific Northwest College of Art, is filling PSU’s White Gallery in some really big ways.

His exhibition Sight Beyond Vision consists of six 44 by 45 inch pieces that focus on the details of ordinary items. The images are tweaked to reveal an alternative perspective—one that demands attention.