The art is the message

Kenji DuBois Lee’s most recent art work is a study in contrasts that he says represents his vision of individuals and communities. In the pieces on display at Paccini tonight, Lee frames sweeping strokes and contrasting colors in pieces of curly koa, a native Hawaiian wood.

For Sheila Pete, NAACP means time for action

Sheila Pete’s passion for social justice came at an early age. “Being the youngest of three older siblings–two brothers and a sister–I had to be prepared at all times,” Pete said. “I think maybe I have a spitfire personality.”

A painting, a poem in everything

Arsalan Darbandi doesn’t limit himself to one type of art. Darbandi, 20, uses everyday “found” objects, as well as delving into many other mediums, to create his art. “Galactic Road Kill” and “The Owl” are two of his pieces that hang in the Starbucks by the Vue housing building.

Game Room scores with higher profits

After under-performing in 2006-07, the Viking Game Room has made $9,000 more than it had at the same point last year. The game room was about $17,000 short of its operating costs last year, but Viking Game Room Manager Aaron Faw said new games and increased interest in space rentals have helped improve the profits of the recreation center.