Health programs seek certification

PSU’s public health and health administration programs aspire to set their graduates apart

Two Portland State master of public health programs are in the midst of a potentially transformational accreditation process.

E-bikes’ peddle power

Could Portland be a new market for e-bikes?

This year, Portland State will take a closer look at a relatively undiscovered form of transportation: electric bikes.

Voters choose Hales

After enduring nearly a year and a half of campaigning, Portland has elected its new mayor.

Not long after 8 p.m. on Tuesday, as voting in Portland came to an end, it became clear that Charlie Hales had bested candidate Jefferson Smith with 62 percent of the vote.

Ghouls, gore and guts

Portland State campus gets spooky for Halloween

Are you looking to get the most out of your Halloween this year? PSU campus is getting a creepy makeover this weekend that is sure to delight with its spooks, haunts and ghouls.

Raising the bar

PSU department of Architecture nears end of five-year accreditation process

Portland State architecture students will soon be able to compete fairly for jobs and graduate school opportunities after graduation.

‘Don’t take no for an answer’

Lara Logan shares journalism stories from the front lines

For Lara Logan, chief foreign affairs correspondent of CBS news and “60 Minutes” correspondent, survival has always been about certainty in herself, her drive to know more and her passion to report the truth—whether we’re ready to hear it or not.

Service oriented

Former PSU president to teach at Hatfield School of Government

Community service plays a role in every Portland State student’s education—from capstones to internships.
Ever wondered how that came about?

Education abroad

Traveling the world and knocking out college credits

It is a dream of most college students to someday travel the world. But why not start while still in college?

“If you study at Portland State for your entire education, [you] can lack a global perspective,” said Blythe Knott, an education abroad advisor who coordinates programs in Africa, the Middle East and Oceania.

International architects to lecture at PSU

The discussion of place and its importance in architecture

When an architect is designing a building, how does he decide when to use elements of the surrounding environment?

And how does the place he is building in—from geography, topography, culture or even surrounding buildings—factor into an architect’s plan?

Professor Kulongoski

Former Oregon governor to teach at PSU

This term, students of PSU’s Mark O. Hatfield School of Government will get a rare taste of what it’s like to lead the state of Oregon.